Welcome to SARAVAX

SARAVAX Propriety Limited was established in 2013 for the primary purpose to fill a huge void in the global financial market regarding the implementation and application of venture capital.
In order to be globally placed in the slot of venture capital partners SARAVAX needed to be financially capable to meet its obligations when engaging in investment.
SARAVAX from the outset took the view to at all cost avoid credit transactions as the main aim is to circumvent the traditional financial institutions.
It is therefore that SARAVAX set up a financial structure to enable it to leverage and gear against its assets in order to participate.


Practical Implementation

The question will always arise as to where the physical funds [cash] will be derived from in order for SARAVAX to invest in venture capital ventures.

SARAVAX already established during the course of 2013 that the only financial institutions willing to still render certain facilities against certain securities [bank guarantees] is institutions that are cash strong but lack in notable assets rendering their balance sheet empty and as such influence their grading.

It is therefore that SARAVAX have already negotiated with the financial institutions [as identified under above criteria] and have already established a facility [cash] in order to apply into the field as mentioned.
Given the fact that the facilities of quite large and normal banking laws apply, it was negotiated that SARAVAX can make use [ access] its facilities or part thereof provided that SARAVAX provide for what part taken up an investment grade bank guarantee to the value . SARAVAX will initially joint venture with such a provider and enter into the necessary joint venture agreement that [in a nut shell] render the joint venture partner 25 percent [Of the face value] immediate pay-out and return the instrument within the year.

The second part of the project is to accumulate certain profits derived out of the facility capital. SARAVAX established through its connections and business associates an invitation to participate in a commodity trade in order to make profit on the capital [facility] of which in the end will be utilized for venture capital intensive projects.